Push Workouts to Garmin Connect in 30 Seconds


Video to watch end to end process of getting your workouts on your Garmin Device.

Three Easy Steps

Go to My Profile, Apps and Devices and connect to Garmin.

Add a workout to a list such as your Favorites.

ClGo to My Library and click download on a workout and push to Garmin.  Then go to Garmin Connect and push to your device. 

6 thoughts on “Push Workouts to Garmin Connect in 30 Seconds”

  1. Hi Alex,
    what a fabolous idea – it works – but there is one bug. The %FTP-values are transferred as fixed watt-values to garmin connect (80 % FTP in the workout on ergdb becomes 80 watt on garmin connect). Is it possible to fix this? That would be great!
    Thank you,

  2. Following your instructions and using a Garmin Edge 520. When I start a workout I get negative power targets, example -957 to -953. Where is the FTP % computation performed?



    1. Hello zjdieterle, Actually we just send a percent of FTP to Garmin so the actual Watts is calculated by Garmin, you must have your FTP set correctly in Garmin Connect. I tested again today and everything is working fine, and I know this is working fine for other issues so really this should be something you just need to configure. Negative watts sure sounds strange though.

      1. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the training screen in Edge 520, 820, 1030, 830, 530. Target power is correctly calculated and if instead of the training screen there will be a data field “target power” it will work well. Unfortunately, the scale of the training screen will be with minus values, for example -910 …- 900 or, for example, -872 …- 858.
        Examples in shared screen shots (Edge 1030 in Polish;)): https://photos.app.goo.gl/URg6vxRdzuNtPBUG8
        Solution of the above-mentioned problem of incorrect scale on the training screen? Report to Garmin support;) – and for now, I suggest to introduce the possibility of sending the target power, which has been defined in ERGDB.
        What’s more, if there is such a possibility, I would ask for the possibility of setting not just the target power, but the average target power, e.g. from 3 seconds or 10 seconds – to choose from. This will reduce the number of messages with too little or too much power when training outside, on the trainer it is easier to maintain a constant power, but here too, the narrow range is exceeded.

        Regards, Leszek.

        1. Hello Leszek, I use a Wahoo so I have not really tested this other than my watch. I just ordered a 530 so I can fully test this. I understand what you mean and this should be a fairly easy fix/improvement. I will let you know what I find.

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