Push Workouts to Garmin Connect in 30 Seconds

Video to watch end to end process of getting your workouts on your Garmin Device.

Three Easy Steps

Go to My Profile, Apps and Devices and connect to Garmin.

Add a workout to a list such as your Favorites.

ClGo to My Library and click download on a workout and push to Garmin.  Then go to Garmin Connect and push to your device. 

20 thoughts on “Push Workouts to Garmin Connect in 30 Seconds”

  1. Hi Alex,
    what a fabolous idea – it works – but there is one bug. The %FTP-values are transferred as fixed watt-values to garmin connect (80 % FTP in the workout on ergdb becomes 80 watt on garmin connect). Is it possible to fix this? That would be great!
    Thank you,

  2. Following your instructions and using a Garmin Edge 520. When I start a workout I get negative power targets, example -957 to -953. Where is the FTP % computation performed?



    1. Hello zjdieterle, Actually we just send a percent of FTP to Garmin so the actual Watts is calculated by Garmin, you must have your FTP set correctly in Garmin Connect. I tested again today and everything is working fine, and I know this is working fine for other issues so really this should be something you just need to configure. Negative watts sure sounds strange though.

      1. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the training screen in Edge 520, 820, 1030, 830, 530. Target power is correctly calculated and if instead of the training screen there will be a data field “target power” it will work well. Unfortunately, the scale of the training screen will be with minus values, for example -910 …- 900 or, for example, -872 …- 858.
        Examples in shared screen shots (Edge 1030 in Polish;)): https://photos.app.goo.gl/URg6vxRdzuNtPBUG8
        Solution of the above-mentioned problem of incorrect scale on the training screen? Report to Garmin support;) – and for now, I suggest to introduce the possibility of sending the target power, which has been defined in ERGDB.
        What’s more, if there is such a possibility, I would ask for the possibility of setting not just the target power, but the average target power, e.g. from 3 seconds or 10 seconds – to choose from. This will reduce the number of messages with too little or too much power when training outside, on the trainer it is easier to maintain a constant power, but here too, the narrow range is exceeded.

        Regards, Leszek.

        1. Hello Leszek, I use a Wahoo so I have not really tested this other than my watch. I just ordered a 530 so I can fully test this. I understand what you mean and this should be a fairly easy fix/improvement. I will let you know what I find.

        2. Leszek, I did just switch from power to power_3s. I also increased the range so it is 90-110% of target rather than 95-105%. This should help reduce the amount of noise you get. Let me know if you find anything else. I was waiting to hear back from Garmin on this bug before publishing these changes. Not sure how long it will take them to fix their bug.

          1. Thanks, I’ll check tomorrow. Workouts arranged in Connect are also already by default with averaged power up to 3 seconds. I hope that they will remove the problem for the winter season and intensive work on the trainer;)

  3. Hi Alex, I have the same problem of the scale on the training screen showing -900 etc and this is on a garmin 530. Hopefully this can be fixed shortly. Thanks!

  4. Woodcock Johnson IV

    Ditto these remarks on negative power readings on the workouts screen. Although I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, once resolved, this feature will make integrating all my ergdb workouts available for indoor and outdoor training platforms. I’m looking forward to it!

      1. Yes, everyone, I can see the same issue on my 530. I sent Garmin a message to see if they can help as my code all seems correct. I know it worked correctly on my watch when I tested it.

        1. Ok, so found the source of the issue. It appears to be a bug in Garmin but waiting for them to confirm. I do have a way to fix it if they are too slow but it will require sending workouts in specific Watts rather than percent of your current Garmin Connect FTP. It would be your ERGdb FTP. I don’t know if these workouts would “self-adjust” in watts as your FTP changes in Garmin. Anyway, we will get this fixed one way or the other.

          1. Woodcock Johnson IV

            Cool! I don’t know if I’m representative of all ergdb users, but I’d prefer the use of relative values based on percentage of ergdb ftp. Time isn’t really pressing, since the season is about to turn cold and i’ll be doing much training indoors anyway. I’m in favor of percentage of ftp over absolute watts, since that makes it easier to keep the workouts consistent and avoid having to duplicate files when ftp changes. Super easy to align Garmin and Ergdb ftp figures!

            Thanks again for this great work!

    1. Hi,

      Is this fixed? Also i just want to check the edge 530 will control the wahoo kickr based on the power workouts? this way we dont need to subscribed to zwift or trainerroad? which one is best garmin 530 or wahoo element?

      1. Hello Marlon, no still waiting on Garmin. There will be another option this week. Which is push from ERGdb to TrainingPeaks and they will push to Garmin. Just need to push on the day of your workout or maybe the day before. This TR integration will be announced very soon. Yes you should be able to control your kickr with a 530 and then you don’t need Zwift/TrainerRoad. Personally I don’t really like doing it this way, just about 10 clicks instead of 2 or 3, one click on a 530 feels like 5 on the phone/computer though… TR is by far the simplest for me but I also don’t like the subscription fees 🙂 Or you can use Maximum Trainer or Golden Cheetah also without subscription.

  5. Hi Alex,

    What a great site! Only just come across it and I so grateful that I did!

    As a Training Peaks premium user also using a Wahoo head unit, I have a quick question of clarification from a couple of comments you have made in blogs and other places on the site.

    I was really excited to read this under “Apps and devices”: “If you are a TrainingPeaks user we suggest you push your workouts to TrainingPeaks and allow them to automatically sync to your Garmin calendar, this gives you some added benefits as well as saves you some effort”.

    Is this currently possible? I cannot see instructions on how to get ergdb PLANNED workouts into Training Peaks.

    Also, from the Wahoo sync solution Blog page: “so our solution will be to push workouts to TrainingPeaks(TP) and you can sync from TP to your Wahoo. …Basically, just one click in ERGdb and a couple of minutes later it will be available on your Wahoo (might need to sync Wahoo). We have the TP sync done for power workouts just waiting on them at the moment”.

    Also above on this page – “This TR (do you mean TP?) integration will be announced very soon”.

    I really want a solution to have workouts from ergdb. appear in Training Peaks which then sync with the Wahoo – have I understood correctly? Is this actually coming or already possible 🙂

    Many thanks!

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