The Fastest Workout Editor Ever


This is designed for one and only one thing. Speed.  That’s it.  Works just like Excel with copy and paste and arrow keys for moving.  Try it out.  Create your first workout here.

Below is a video showing how to insert a row into a workout

6 thoughts on “The Fastest Workout Editor Ever”

  1. Hello, Oldsap (maybe I should ask people their first name in the registration process :), I just added a video below the main one showing how to insert a row. Once you know how as you can see it is very easy.

  2. hi Alex, i was checking out GoldenCheetah’s workout creator and it had an option to add “LAP” so that GC’s Lap Time Remaining data field would be able to show each interval’s time remaining. would this be possible as an option in ERGdb’s workout creator for this when downloading them as MRC files?
    from GC’s workout creator:
    0 50
    10 50
    10 LAP
    10 55
    20 55
    20 LAP
    20 60
    30 60
    30 LAP

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