VO2Max workout by jonathancolledge   (public)
Stress: 48   Intensity: 1.07
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June 18, 2019
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Warm up (short here, but pause your trainer app for more time) then steady high power to push 20 minute max average. Your FTP is 0.95 x 20 min max average power. If you stick to this, it’ll be close to your set FTP on Zwift or other trainer program, but this has no warm up…

Also, please note that this is an over/under type workout with effectively a positive split. A positive split is the reverse of what is likely to be better – a negative split. Here, though you have the relief of a very slightly easier finishing target. Use this without erg mode and don’t be afraid to exceed the power targets in the last segments.

Although having the power targets as a pacer can help you push yourself, you probably won’t reach your best – if you can stick to the targets, you can do better. Use it as a confidence boosting pacer.

VO2Max workout by Jonegrav   (public)
Stress: 48   Intensity: 0.98
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June 11, 2019
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4 X 4 Min 115% FTP – 95-97% HRMAX