Maximum Trainer is closing down…

Maximum Trainer is great alternative to TrainerRoad

I have been riding with Maximum Trainer now for a few weeks.  Although not as polished as TrainerRoad I find with the way I like to train this provides a more enjoyable experience and kills some Zwift boredom with a simple all in one desktop app.  As you see above, you can add videos from the web, Netflix, YouTube, and videos you already have.  The installation process on a Mac is not as smooth as downloading from the Mac App store. Having a platform with direct access to any of the 3000+ ERGdb workouts and watch videos all for free or small donation is 100% worth it.  When you need a break from Zwift or any of your subscription services, give Maximum Trainer a try.

ERGdb is Built Directly Into Maximum Trainer

No more downloads and uploads.  Just launch the latest version of maximum trainer and you now have direct access to thousands of ERGdb workouts.

Next download and install Maximum Trainer

Your ERGdb Workouts and Favorites

Everything you create and favorite in ERGdb is immediately available inside of Maximum Trainer. First inside Maximum Trainer, you must click on the “My Workouts” link at the top and login.    (If you don’t see it immediately just click on All Workouts and then my workouts in the top below the logo in Maximum Trainer)

7 thoughts on “Maximum Trainer is closing down…”

  1. Not working for me, saddly I read that there´s no much interesr on MT by his DEV, MT is a great tool, just need some more marketing and a PayPal donate button. Thanks

  2. Hi Alex. I’d potentially be interested in taking over Maximum Trainer. I’ve just sent an email from the website, but if you’re in contact with the dev would you mind passing on my contact details please?

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